Construction Industry Networking – 5 Great ideas for social events & corporate days

Construction industry networking is not something you hear about every day, but it’s a strategy that can be of great benefit to builders, carpenters, project managers, electricians and everyone else within the industry.

If you are not familiar with clubs that specialise in networking for builders, it’s most probably because there are not that many builder’s clubs in existence. Networking however, can be of great benefit to individuals within the construction industry, creating new contacts, making new friends and generally helping everyone to keep up with the industry in their local area.

This highlights the need to find interesting networking opportunities for NSW builders, events that they will be happy to attend in their spare time and not feel that it’s a chore or a business requirement. So here are five events that provide social opportunities for builders and construction workers to mingle, network and generally have a great day with like minded individuals.

5 Great Ideas for Social Events & Corporate Days

  1. Horse riding: Pretending to be cowboys for the day and saddling up to ride through the bush must be one of the best ways to focus on construction industry networking without trying too hard!
  2. Adventure courses: Have you heard of the Tough Mudder? It’s up to 20km of mud, tracks and obstacles, designed to test the most heroic construction worker’s mettle. Events are held all around the country every year and provide some of the best networking opportunities for NSW builders.
  3. Orienteering: Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is a great way to learn more about your team mates. So why not grab a bunch of builders and enter an orienteering contest that will challenge both your body and mind, but is also loads of fun?
  4. Fishing: You can’t find a more popular strategy to encourage construction industry networking than fishing. There can’t be a builder in existence who doesn’t know one end of a rod from the other, which means that your offer of a day fishing on a boat will be welcomed with open arms and revved engines.
  5. Golf: The only networking opportunities for NSW builders that can top a day fishing is a day on the green. Corporate golf days in NSW are the perfect way to start a builder’s club where everyone can play together, regardless of experience and have a very productive day away from work. Everyone loves to play golf and if you put it around that you are arranging a day’s golf for construction workers, you will be inundated with calls to register.

At the Master Builders and Exchange Golf Club, we have a range of corporate golf days in NSW for members of the construction industry. This gives everyone the opportunity to network with employees, customers and peers in an awesome setting, whilst enjoying a great day of golf.

We arrange at least one corporate golf day each month at the very best golf courses in NSW, so there are plenty of opportunities to gather everyone together for a day of fun, competition and networking on the green.

Why not check out our program of events and start organising your next construction industry networking event?


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