Are corporate golf days in NSW an effective way to network?

Not everyone plays golf or is even interested in golf, so you might have never have thought about using corporate golf days in NSW as a networking tool.

A master builders golf day however, can be a very lucrative strategy for networking with other builders in the construction industry. After all, for many people construction and golf go together like Nutella and crackers or wine and cheese!

If you are still not convinced that corporate golf days in NSW are a good fit for your company, here are five benefits that you might not have considered.

Networking with clients

Trying to find quality time with your current clients, as well as with potential clients can be exasperating, not only because you are short on time, but your clients can also be time poor. When you mention corporate golf days however, time on their calendar seems to inexplicably open up, giving you the perfect opportunity for networking within the construction industry.

Promoting your professionalism

Organising a well-run and professional master builders golf day on the green is an excellent way to promote your company’s attitude to working with clients. A smooth operation, along with plenty of time to chat and meet new people while playing golf, all speak to your success as a manager and organiser, as well as to what they can expect from working with your company.

Getting an edge on the competition

This is a serious opportunity to make your company shine and show potential clients or investors why your business has the professional edge on the competition. A great day of MBA golf, followed by drinks at the bar and a generous lunch will go a long way to impressing your guests. After all, how bad can it be for your guests to associate your company with good company, good food and a professional service?

Build a social media following

This might not be one of the first benefits you thought about when considering using corporate golf days in NSW as a networking tool, however it can have unexpected benefits! If you bring along a professional photographer to take some high-quality photographs of the day and post them to your business’s social media network, you can increase your followers, start a dialogue with them and promote your business all at the same time.

Following up with clients

Attending one of your corporate golf days in NSW gives you a good excuse to follow up with the attendees and broach collaborative work, investments or discussing how your services can benefit their company. In the case of potential clients who have yet to attend one of your MBA golf events, it’s an easy way to get together for lunch, inviting them to your next event and sharing photos and anecdotes of the day.

Increase client loyalty

Inviting current and prospective clients or investors to a master builders golf day works wonders to build loyalty amongst your guests. Current clients and investors will feel that they have been ‘treated’ to one of your corporate golf days as a ‘thank you’ for their business and loyalty, whilst potential clients and customers can see that you are not just in business for the money, but to build effective and positive relationships with the community.

For more information on organising a master builders golf day for your company, send us an email today.

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