15 Benefits of Organising a Builder’s Golf Day Event

If you decide to organise a builder’s golf day event for your company, you need to do it for the best reasons.

Organising a Corporate Golf Day

Some people organise a corporate golf day because their competitors had one last year, so they think that they should host one as well. Others can’t think of anything else to do and since they need some form of marketing, organise an MBA golf event and simply hope for the best.

Effective Networking Opportunities for NSW Builders

On the other side of the coin are the savvy marketers, business owners and managers who recognise these events as effective networking opportunities for NSW builders, using them to grow and expand their businesses.

If you are searching for events that can be used to create social opportunities for builders and construction workers to network with clients, employees, investors and potential clients, a builder’s golf day event ticks all the boxes.

15 Benefits of organising a builder’s golf day event:

  1. Since golf is one of Australia’s favourite sports, you shouldn’t have any problems with registrations for your event.
  2. Even senior executives of potential client companies will willingly sign up for your builder’s golf day event, if they can play a round of golf for free.
  3. You can get more networking achieved in a round of golf than you can in weeks of phone calls and harried meetings.
  4. Building relationships with existing and potential clients and investors is much easier during a corporate golf day than in an office.
  5. Clients appreciate being asked to your golf day, helping your company to build customer loyalty and solidifying their relationship with your company.
  6. A builder’s golf day can give your company a distinct edge against the competition, demonstrating that you put good money towards building positive relationships with your clients and investors.
  7. An MBA golf day can bring people together who wouldn’t otherwise have met and socialised, helping your clients build their own relationships and solidifying your reputation as an authority within the industry.
  8. Opportunities for collaboration are often initiated over a round of golf where likeminded people can come together and brainstorm new ideas.
  9. Sometimes the old saying that ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ is very true. A corporate golf day can be just the vehicle to introduce you to some influential people in your industry, furthering your own career and growing your business.
  10. Networking is a great way to tap into other people’s networks and find creative solutions to problems that might have been niggling away at the back of your mind.
  11. Helping and advising clients, investors and peers increases your reputation in the building community.
  12. Bouncing new ideas off peers or colleagues during a corporate golf day is a great way to start a collaborative effort and expand your business into new and exciting areas.
  13. A builder’s golf day is a very effective way to stay up to date with current affairs in your industry and in the local area.
  14. As social opportunities for builders and construction workers to network, these events are also the perfect opportunity to research what’s going on in your local area to find new markets that are ripe for the picking.
  15. These events are value for money, costing very little in monetary terms to host, whilst proving a remarkable number of opportunities to build and expand your business.


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