Captain's Report

Captain’s Report – New South Wales

The Master Builders Golf Club hit the jackpot with the weather on this February day especially considering the conditions we experienced at our last visit to this classic golf course 12 months ago.

Clear skies, moderate temperature and a gentle southerly wind made for perfect conditions, and a respectable field of 64 golfers were ready for the challenge.

The course itself was presented in immaculate condition given Sydney had received 300mm of rain during January. It was great to see several new members for the first time and a large contingent of visitors. With over 60 players it confirmed our belief that we all want to play the top shelf courses and accept that it is more expensive.

As usual to score well at NSW you need to keep the ball  on the fairway, with the first cut of rough gobbling up the ball and any further of target was deep in the thick scrub . A good proportion of the field were able to achieve this with and average score of around 30’points being higher than usual.

2 Ball Aggregate winners Damien Brien & Rod Keeley 72 Points
2 Ball Aggregate Runners Up Scott Norris & James Harvey 71 Points
Division 1 Winner Garry Gibson (8) 36 Points
Division 2 Winner Damian Brien (20) 39 Points
NTP 6th Hole Doug Ivanek
NTP 11th Hole Alex Lascelles

Our next game is the annual match against Newcastle at The Springs, Peats Ridge, on March 2nd.

It is a great day and I hope to see you all there.
Happy Golfing,
Garry Gibson

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