How to use MBA Golf to network within the construction industry

If you are looking for networking opportunities for NSW builders, then MBA golf must be at the top of your list.

Networking is an essential part of growing any business, whether you are focussed on building a solid team within your company, reaching out to peers, liaising with potential clients or looking for new opportunities or investments that might come your way.

MBA golf provides a host of social opportunities for builders and construction workers to network, build relationships and generally have a great day on the green. This type of networking can even be considered as work, because even though you might be skipping out for a few hours, you are essentially making contacts that can help to grow and expand your business.

Building effective relationships takes time

Forming new contacts and partnerships, building a cohesive team or collaborating with peers all takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. One of the best ways to get to know someone, and to build trust and encourage communication is to spend time together outside of business, particularly if they are time poor.

Quite often it is much easier for someone to agree to a round of MBA golf than to pin down a time for a business meeting. This is particularly relevant if you are just getting to know someone and you don’t know yet if you want to do business with them in the future.

Construction Industry Networking

If it’s done right, construction industry networking can be very lucrative to your business. After all, there aren’t many opportunities for spending a few hours in someone else’s company, where there is no apparent agenda, for giving you an insight into their real personality and their way of doing business.

Golf and the MBA are the perfect conversation openers, giving you the excuse to arrange a day of golf with someone you want to get to know better with a long-term view of doing business together. You don’t even need to be any good at golf for this to be a great networking opportunity, you simply need to be confident and good company.

A tip here is to never apologise for playing poorly, as confidence and self-assuredness are important first impressions, just smile and enjoy the day. On the other hand, if you are an extremely good golfer and play MBA golf every weekend, keep it to yourself have a great time!

When you arrange a day of golf to facilitate networking within the construction industry, focus on the golf and getting to know your guest on a personal level, rather than talking about business. Leaving business talk until the end of the day and you are on your way to the club house, helps your guest to relax and not think that the whole day of MBA golf was simply contrived around ulterior motives.

Is there a golf club for builders to meet other builders to network?

At the Master Builders Golf Club Exchange, we provide regular opportunities for members of the construction industry to network over a game of MBA golf on first-class golf courses across NSW. With a range of dates throughout the year, we provide the ultimate social club for builders to grow and expand their business.


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