Networking Opportunities for NSW Builders

The construction industry is hard work, fast paced and requires long hours, providing little downtime and few networking opportunities for NSW builders.

Builders Golf Events

This is why a builder’s golf event is such an awesome idea, as it gives workers within the industry an opportunity to network while having heaps of fun playing a round of golf on the green.

As many business owners and managers can already appreciate, networking is more effective when you spend time away from a business environment. In a different setting, people start to relax and open up, sharing jokes and experiences, beginning the process of building a relationship based on trust and friendship.

MBA golf events are one of the best ways to bring a wide range of people together who might otherwise not have met, because they all want to hit a ball around the green. This creates plenty of opportunities to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while and meet new people who can have a positive influence on your business and vice versa.

Other networking opportunities for NSW builders

Of course, playing 18-holes isn’t the only way to foster opportunities for construction industry networking, so here are other ideas that you might like to investigate.

  • Many professional associations host events throughout the year for the explicit purpose of providing networking opportunities for builders and construction workers. If this isn’t something that you have explored yet, it’s definitely worth your while contacting them for a list of their upcoming events.
  • Professional development courses also provide many new avenues of networking for builders that might not have been open to you before signing on for your course. You will meet other people in a similar situation within the industry, which over the coming years can be a valuable source of contacts and business opportunities.
  • Conferences are another area where networking is ingrained, but these aren’t the usual haunt of people within the building industry. It’s a good idea to start thinking laterally and consider other industries that are aligned with the building industry, check out their conferences and look for talks that you can attend. This can open up an entirely new set of networking opportunities for NSW builders and hopefully present you with new and unique ways of collaborating with people.
  • Go through your business contacts and find people who are in a similar situation to yourself who might also appreciate the opportunity to network together. This will expose you to their contacts as well (and vice versa), giving everyone the chance to increase their networks, and investigate collaborative efforts and new business ventures.
  • LinkedIn is an avenue that many professionals use to network with people within both their own industry and with outsiders. You have no idea the type of people you will meet on LinkedIn and you might be surprised at the vast number of opportunities that are available. All you need to do is to join LinkedIn (it’s free), complete your profile and soon you will find an amazing number of people asking to make contact with you. Social media is the way of the future and LinkedIn is a platform that offers many networking for builders and construction workers.

Don’t forget that the builder’s golf events at The Master Builders & Exchange Golf Club provides lots of networking opportunities for NSW builders. Check out our program of events today.

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